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A remedial massage was once thought to be a luxury item. Now more & more people are discovering the benefits of having a massage on a regular basis. To be able to keep your body in optimum running order massage along with a healthy lifestyle is a great start.
Techniques involved in a remedial massage include myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, trigger point, myofascial cupping, gentle stretching, Rock Blades (instrument assisted soft tissue mobilisation & Rocktaping. During your treatment one or more of these techniques may be used.
After all most of us take care in making sure that our car runs properly so why not our bodies?



When you see me for a massage, we always have a consultation so that I can find out what you're hoping to achieve from your massage. A treatment plan is then worked out & put into place. During the massage I work to the pressure that you desire whether it be light or hard or somewhere in between.



1/2 hour $65

3/4 hour $80

1 hour $100

1 1/2 hours $135

2 hours $175




I have workshops that I conduct:


Taping  is  increasingly  becoming   popular.   While you may   see  athletes  competing  with  tape  on  it  can  also  be  used  for  pain  relief,  improving  posture  &  even  during  pregnancy.   I  am  able  to  run  workshops  based  on  your  needs.   We  will  go  through  the  basic  taping  principles  then  learn  some  applications  that  are  suitable  for  you.   I  can  run  these  for  as  few  as  two  people  in   my  clinic  or  at  another  location  suitable  to  you  for  larger  groups.   Approximately  3  hours.

Hand massage workshop.

In this workshop we blend some essential oils then learn a hand massage routine. Great for pampering or comforting ill people. Approximately 2 hours. 


Relaxation massage workshop.

Learn some techniques for a relaxation massage that you can give to family & friends. This does not qualify you to do it professionally, but it may give you a taste of what massage involves if you are looking at massage therapy as a potential career. This is a one-day workshop.


Workshops may be conducted with as few as two participants at my clinic or a location of your choice. Prices on request.


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