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Rocktape is a brand of kinesiology tape compared to traditional rigid taping it :

  • allows for better blood flow

  • is more comfortable

  • allows full range of movement

  • supports for up to 4 days

  • limits muscle wasting

  • provides better sensation

  • helps regain normal function

Rocktape poster.jpg
Knee Rocktape.jpg

Taping techniques can be done as part of a massage treatment or on their own. I can teach you how to apply the tape for yourself or you may choose to book in for taping as the need arises. 


Taping only is $20 for 15 minutes.

Traditionally taping has been sen on athletes. In these circumstances it can help them participate in their chosen sport for a longer period with less pain & fatigue.


For everyone it can be used to help injured muscles recover & is especially good for reducing swelling & bruising.


Another essential role it can play is in the retraining of posture. For example the office worker with the bad shoulders. Or anyone with a posture problem.


Another area it can provide relief for is during pregnancy. Taping can provide support for the lower back & cradling support of the stomach area. Taping may also improve any carpal tunnel symptoms & swelling around the ankles. 



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