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Posture Plus

Posture Plus is a blend of many movement/body training methods. The aim of Posture Plus is to create body awareness & teach motivation to use that awareness.

What you get from Posture Plus.

  • Great changes to your posture. Awareness of your body & how to look after yourself so that you get older each year without aging.

  • Pain & restricted movement is not part of getting older- we just let it happen that way.

  • Learn how to avoid common problems.

  • A blend of Pilates' floor method & Posture & Flexibility stretches. Chiball exercises to release restrictions & balance work/play.

  • You will learn what a real stretch is & how far to push yourself to get results.

  • Your body is meant to move- you are supposed to be able to roll around on the floor & climb trees if you want to.

  • You will learn to be a little less inhibited about what you do & what your body can do.

Most of all you will have fun & get into shape.

Posture Essentials is your first step. This is a series of five sessions to ensure that you understand the basics.

I will be conducting these classes as private or semi-private (up to 4 people) sessions. You may opt to do it with people you already know or in a small group of new friends. Availability times will vary according to demand.

 It benefits a wide range of people. So far I've had successful classes with my 77 year old mum to a friend who is a multiple World Champion mountain biker. This is the brilliance of the program in that I can adapt it to the individual (even some chair based work).

I currently have two group sessions (up to 4 participants) running per week.

Mondays 8.30 am

Tuesdays 4.30 pm

Thursdays 8.30 am

Costs are $20 per class (initial outlay of $150 including starter pack)

Contact to find if a place is available on


Click the PDF file below for the Posture Plus ebook which will give you a lot more information

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