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Reboots Recovery

How do Recovery Boots work, and is the effect really so great?

Recovery Boots create a gliding massage for your legs. They help you to remove waste products from your metabolism, such as BLa (blood lactic acid), which accumulate in your muscles during exercise and cause unwanted fatiguing effects.

Most people feel a clear effect after intensive training. This has also been confirmed by various studies. However, the recovery process is different for everyone.

Recovery Boots are also beneficial in removing fluid from the legs. As such they can be used in a medial background to reduce swelling in the lower limbs.


As there are six chambers there are a variety of programs on offer plus the ability to turn off chambers so that pressure is not applied to any areas that may be of concern for you.

Reboots works with relatively high pressure (up to 240mmHg) and a higher number of air chambers than most other suppliers. This creates an intensive and gliding compression wave. Reboots give you individual and intensive regeneration.

Once you are set up for treatment your therapist can leave the room to allow you to minimise contact & allow you to relax.

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